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The Pepsi Store – Birthplace of Pepsi

New Bern, NC is known for a lot of things – but did you know it’s the Birthplace of Pepsi Cola? It’s true! In fact, The Pepsi Store downtown is also the National Museum of Pepsi Cola!

That’s not all, either. New Bern is also home to the Pepsi Portal to History, aka the Pepsi Family Center, located at the North Carolina History Center in Tryon Palace.

Interested in Pepsi related antiques? Boy did you come to the right place! New Bern antique shops specialize in Pepsi memorabilia.

Nothing really beats a visit to the place it all began, though: The Pepsi Store, Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola.

A Sip of History

You may not realize it but Pepsi has been part of the American story since 1898. It’s kind of funny to think of soft drinks existing in the 19th century but they’ve actually been around since the 1600’s. Carbonation wasn’t a common ingredient until the mineral water craze of the mid 1800’s, however.

At this time, pharmacists created and sold carbonated soft drinks for medicinal or healthful purposes. Consumers were told that these elixirs could revive their energy, soothe their stomachs, and a variety of other claims.

Pepsi was no different in this respect. Caleb Bradham created Pepsi in his downtown New Bern Drug Store in 1893. At the time it was called “Brad’s Drink,” not Pepsi, and supposedly helped with digestion. The name “Pepsi-Cola,” from the word “dyspepsia:” indigestion, came about 5 years later.

Caleb certainly had a winner on his hands. By 1908, Pepsi-Cola was being sold in 6oz glass bottles and was franchised in over 24 states.

Visiting the Birthplace of Pepsi

The twists and turns of the Pepsi saga continue well beyond its humble beginnings in Bradham’s drug store. Thus, it is somewhat ironic that returning to that original location is one of the best ways to experience the Pepsi story.

The Pepsi Store is a favorite New Bern attraction, located in Bradham’s original drug store. The store is part museum, part soda fountain, part gift shop – and all Pepsi!

Step up to the antique soda fountain for an ice-cold Pepsi Cola or one of the museum’s other, house-brewed, fountain drinks. Sip your drink and marvel at the surrounding collection of authentic, Pepsi memorabilia.

The shop also offers a wide selection of Pepsi and related merchandise. From toy trucks to t-shirts, hats, signs, wall art, ornaments, and other collectibles. Mountain Dew, too!

The Pepsi Store is located at 256 Middle Street, New Bern, NC 28560. That’s less than a three minute walk from our New Bern inn, The Aerie!

Pepsi Store hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm and Sundays, noon to 4pm. You can also visit the store online at or follow the store on Facebook.

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