A wide variety of cultural, educational, recreational and historical New Bern, NC attractions await you during your stay at The Aerie. Whether it’s a museum, an historical landmark, shopping, a special event or the great outdoors, there is something available for everyone.

Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens
610 Pollock Street, New Bern (252) 514-4900
Known in colonial times as one of the most beautiful public buildings in America, the elegant Georgian-style mansion served as both home of Royal Governor William Tryon and the capital of the Colony of North Carolina. Restored to its 18th-century glory, Tryon Palace is furnished with an outstanding collection of antiques and art while the grounds are devoted to extensive gardens. Don’t miss the John Wright Stanly House, the George W. Dixon House or the Robert Hay House included with admission.

The Birthplace of Pepsi
256 Middle Street, New Bern (252) 636-5898
On this spot in his pharmacy, Caleb Bradham invented “Brad’s Drink” in 1898, which he later patented as Pepsi-Cola. Today you can relax and enjoy a cold Pepsi-Cola at the recreated soda fountain and purchase memorabilia in the store that the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of New Bern opened on the 100th Anniversary of the world-renowned drink.

New Bern Tours
(Trolley Tour) – 333 Middle Street, New Bern (252) 637-7316
Discover three centuries of history and architectural beauty in a 90-minute trolley car tour of historic New Bern. Professional guides will recount the fascinating details of this former royal capital of North Carolina.

Cruise the Neuse (Pontoon Boat Tours)
101 Craven St, New Bern (252) 876-7232
Offering 3 daytime tours and a sunset cruise.

Palm Coast Tours and Outings
New Bern (252) 665-1175
Palm Coast Tours & Sailing provides regular Sailing Cruises 7 days a week from April through October. Cruises originate in Northwest Creek Marina located within the resort community of Fairfield Harbour

USMC Aviation Exhibit
Havelock (252) 444-6400
The USMC Aviation Exhibit features the history of Marine Corps aviation. Restored aircraft, scaled models, historic photographs and artifacts are on display.

National Cemetery
1711 National Avenue, New Bern (252) 637-2912
Established in 1867 on the site of Union force military drills during the Civil War, visitors will find seemingly endless rows of white marble graves of the brave soldiers who fought and died for our country.

Bank of the Arts
317 Middle Street, New Bern (252) 638-2577
The Craven Arts Council & Gallery offers a variety of artistic expressions to the community and the schools in the form of classes, exhibitions and concerts or regional and national artists.

New Bern Academy Museum
New and Hancock Sts., New Bern (252) 514-4900
Founded in 1764 and built in 1809, New Bern Academy is the oldest public school building in North Carolina and one of the oldest in America. Exhibits on architecture, education and the Civil War (when it was used as a hospital).

Attmore-Oliver House
510A Pollock Street, New Bern (252) 638-8558
The Attmore-Oliver House (c.1790) is the headquarters for the New Bern Historical Society, exhibits 18th- and 19th- century furniture and New Bern historical objects, including Civil War artifacts, and a unique doll collection.

Fireman’s Museum
408 Hancock Street, New Bern (252) 636-4087
The Fireman’s Museum houses steam pumpers and an extensive collection of early fire-fighting equipment along with rare photographs, Civil War relics, and even the mounted head of Fire Horse Fred, who died answering a false alarm.

Cedar Grove Cemetery
Queen and George Streets, New Bern
Statuary and monuments beneath Spanish moss–draped trees from the earliest days of our nation, and the city’s monument to its Confederate dead are here. The cemetery’s main gate features a shell motif Legend has it that if it ”weeps” on you as you enter, you’ll be the next one carried through in a hearse.

New Bern Civic Theater
414 Pollock Street, New Bern (252) 633-0567
The New Bern Civic Theatre presents dramas, comedies, musicals and even performances in sign language. Call for a complete listing of performances and dates.

Bear Town Adventure Co.
230 Middle Street, New Bern (252) 288-5823
Bike, SUP and kayak rentals and tours

Tradewind Aviation Scenic Rides
820 Aviation Dr., New Bern (252) 636-0716
See New Bern from the air! Tradewind Aviation, based at Craven Regional Airport, offers reasonably priced 30-minute and one-hour tours for one to three passengers aboard a Cessna 172.