Military Elopements

You may have dreamed about the perfect wedding day where all your friends and family gather to celebrate your special day with you. However, when you’re in a military relationship, a big elaborate wedding that you plan for months (or longer) may not be an option. When dealing with deployments, trainings, or moves, a faster, simpler option may be your best option.

There are huge advantages to eloping, especially for those in military relationships.

Sailor kissing his bride

Cost Savings
Couples today spend an average of $35k on a traditional wedding. For most, that means going into deep debt for a one-day celebration! Many realize this is not a practical approach to starting a new life together. With elopement packages beginning at $850, The Aerie will help make your wedding day special and affordable.

Less Stress, Less Pressure
Chances are you have enough concerns in your day-to-day life without adding the stress of planning a large wedding. Finding a location, an officiant, florist, bakery, photographer, musician, and caterer takes a lot of time and effort. Trying to accommodate the suggestions, wants, and needs of well-meaning family members or friends can add tremendous pressure. Eliminate the stress and let us handle the details and with an intimate wedding in one of our courtyards or in our event center. After the ceremony, spend the night in one of our romantic suites.

More Intimate and Romantic
You’ve probably been to a wedding where there were so many people you were barely able to say more than a few words to the bride and groom and didn’t know most of the people in attendance. A small ceremony with those closest to you or perhaps shared between just the two of you gives you the opportunity to focus on each and makes the day incredibly special.

An elopement or small ceremony doesn’t require months of planning and can be scheduled within a short time. If you’re looking for an intimate ceremony, we have the perfect location in historic downtown New Bern, just a short drive from Cherry Point or Camp Lejeune.

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