The Aerie is still here! Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working on the beds out front. The sign was removed to refresh and repaint. Many nice folks from New Bern would stop and ask if we were shutting down or going out of business. Well, we are not going anywhere and thanks to the SBA and other programs, we have been able to keep our staff working. In fact, this is a chance for us to give back so we have offered the inn to the local hospital and town of New Bern for any Coronavirus volunteers needing a place to stay for free (including sausage gravy biscuits). In addition, we are paying one of the staff members to stay home and make masks for our local hospital and other healthcare workers. We are truly blessed to have this treasure of an inn and our wonderful guests that support our dream. It’s time for us to help others in our own way. Stay safe and we will see you soon. We’re still here!